Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday 5: Recapping the Week

Love was in the air at the beginning of the week, and Justin knows the way to my heart - tulips and a subscription to Blue Apron. That's right folks, that's two less nights of dinners that Mama has to plan now!   

This was the Valentine that Vaughn made for her teacher. I don't know where she came up with the idea, but she drew, colored, and watercolored this little love-gram all by herself. 

Speaking of watercolors...I've been doing more painting myself and it's been a great head-cleaner-outer, it you know what I mean.

The kids had Monday off of school, so while Vance went skiing with a buddy, Vaughn and I made cookies and stayed in our jammies well into the afternoon. A perfect Monday, if you ask me. 

The weather at the start of the week was cold and snowy, but today's high is 72 and therefore brings a strong chance of an outdoor Happy Hour today. 

Enjoy the weekend, my friends. Cheers!

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