Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday (almost) 5

My better half has been under the weather this week, so I've had to step up my parenting game. Monday found me surrounded by a bunch of dudes at two different hitting practices. I doodled my way through, naturally.  

Birds and I didn't get off to a good start. While on vacation to France as a child, a bird landed on my head while watching two men play bocce ball and scared me half to death. Many years later in San Francisco, a dirty pigeon's wing hit my face as it flew from a lady who was pouring bird seed on herself and claiming she was the "Bird Lady of San Francisco". I've seen Hitchcock's The Birds and I'm leery that I just may be the next Tippi Hedren. However, I still like to watch from a distance, and this week has been great for bird watching at our house. These robins have been eating all of the berries from our bushes and we've had a ton of others too. Starlings, blue jays, blue birds, some little gray ones that I don't know of, and my buddy, a giant hawk that visits often.  

I'm trying to break the kids nasty gum habit with more natural alternatives. Picked these up this week, hopefully they'll like it!

I'm heading off to the kid's school today to help with Valentine's Day Friendship Parties. Ready to get it over with and close the book for classroom parties this year! 
Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!

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