Friday, March 04, 2016

Weekly Summary

March is here and we're eagerly awaiting warmer weather. It's been cold, gray, and rainy this week and I had to stop Justin in his tracks last night when he started to talk about the glorious Southern California weather. (He's been there all week for work.)   

Last Friday night, Vance had his first flag football game. Outside. In the low 30 degree weather. I had no qualms about wearing ski pants because, when it's that cold, I believe in function over fashion. We get a reprieve from tonight's game, as he has a basketball game scheduled at the same time and right now, basketball trumps football. Hallelujah! 
 We've been crazy-busy with kids stuff these last few weekends. Spring sports are starting up and we're overlapping while winter sports are finishing up. Plus, extra stuff like the school's Variety Show. Vaughn did a dance number to Hard Knock Life with her Girl Scout troop. (It looks like she's singing, but she's only mouthing the words to her line.) I couldn't get a good picture of Vance, but the 5th grade boys did a dance as well. They both did a great job and after spending Friday night watching flag football in the freezing cold and almost 3 hours in an auditorium watching kid talent on Saturday night, the last thing we wanted to do was to get up at 6:00 AM on Sunday for an 8:00 AM soccer game. We finished up Sunday delivering Girl Scout cookies, a few hours of baseball practice, and with a bottle of bubbly while watching the Oscars. 

I'm not sure what Vaughn's team did to upset the scheduler of soccer games, but we've had the 8:00 AM game for the past 3 weeks in a row. It's hard on the girls AND the parents! This weekend is more of the same bouncing around between indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, basketball, and baseball practice. I keep saying we'll miss these times when the kids are grown, but will we?!? :)

Vaughn made this leprechaun trap all by herself and set it up in the middle of the floor. I've been tolerating it because she worked so hard on it, but I've just about had it! 13 days left until St. Patrick's Day...Maybe the leprechaun will come early???

 Speaking of St. Patrick's day...There's more lucky shamrocks in my Etsy shop in case you need to send someone a wee bit o' luck!

Cheers to a great weekend! 

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  1. Looks like you had a busy week and those shamrocks are the cutest! TGIF...



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