Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

The week started off bumpy, literally, with a mystery rash on Vaughn that turned out to be poison oak. Thank goodness for steroids! You can barely see it and she doesn't itch anymore.

The best thing this week is that the temps have finally started to warm up. We've been able to sneak in a couple of walks before the sun goes down.

 The worst thing this week was to be folding laundry while getting this text from Justin, who's been away for work all week. At least someone has gotten to hear the ocean in person this week! Happy that he'll be home tonight!

While I don't have a picture, I keep thinking about these cookies that I saw over at Bakerella last week. Trying my hardest not to make them, but I'm getting weak! Please go take a look!

Opening night for Vaughn's softball team tonight! They got new uniforms this year and they're adorable. The weather is supposed to be great for them and we're excited to cheer them on! 

Hoping you have a great weekend! Cheers!

One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Miss the California beaches-there's nothing quite like it! TGIF...



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