Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

Let's talk rompers and jumpsuits because they're everywhere lately. I love how they look, but have never been able to find one that's cute enough or long enough, to make me want to get totally undressed in order to use the restroom. (Maybe I should just stick to dresses!) I know there's one out there for me somewhere, so the hunt continues! There's a bunch to ooh and aah over at Anthropologie right now.  

Spring baseball is tough because one day you can wear a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops and be just fine.

Two days later, you'll need long underwear, a winter coat, 3 blankets, and hot chocolate but will still be cold. I'm ready for warmer temps...

and boat drinks! If you need to step up your blender drink game, read this article. Looks so good!

Need a gentle reminder to calm those nerves? There's a new item in the shop.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!

One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Oh I'm ready for a margarita now! Have a great weekend ;)



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