Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fun Thing: Sun Art!

This is perfecto for those who prefer their crafts quick and non-messy. All you need is a pack of Sun Art paper and some objects. While, flowers and leaves are a go-to for sure, Vaughn and I chose some other items laying around the house. Instructions and everything you'll need will be inside the package, but all you do is arrange your objects onto the special paper (away from direct sunlight), place the acrylic sheet on top, and set it in the sun for a few minutes. Bring it inside, rinse with water (and lemon juice if you want the finished product darker in color), let it air dry, then place in a book overnight to keep it flat. Instant art!

With the acrylic sheet on top

Right after rinsing with water and lemon juice
Finished product

Cute with minimal effort! A group of them would look cute framed and arranged together, too. The possibilities are endless!

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One Response to “Fun Thing: Sun Art!”

  1. I'm going to have to try this with the kids...love it!



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