Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

Logic would suggest that since this is the last full week of school, I'd be in full swing stocking up on groceries and finishing last minute projects before my two associates are back with me for the summer. However, all logic has been thrown out the window because I've spent everyday this week helping out the kids and school in some fashion. It's been a busy week and I'm happy that it's finally the weekend! 

Vance laid a very thick and strategic guilt trip on Justin awhile back because he's never chaperoned a field trip and this was the very last one before leaving elementary school. Justin caved, of course, and Vance was so excited to have his dad be there. Even better, this trip was an "all school" field trip, which magnified the chaos of a zoo field trip by 10. I went with Vaughn's class, so we all brown bagged it that day. 
Fun fact! All kids look the same from behind while wearing ponchos! Making sure you had your assigned kiddos was a challenge because so. Also challenging? Taking little ponchos on and off for bathroom breaks. All in all, we made the best of it and had a pretty good day at the zoo.

Next up was 5th grade fun day! The 5th graders enjoyed a day of games, swimming, and fun food and snacks. I was busy serving food and popsicles and didn't get any good pictures of the other stuff. That same night was the 5th Grade Farewell ceremony, which had a Hollywood theme. Their pictures that went along with their stars were hilarious! Glad they were all good sports and had fun with it!

Vance was rewarded with a phone for being an upstanding citizen and ever since, it's been like this:

I kid, I kid. (Kind of!) They're great buddies and it makes me a bit sad to think the next time they'll be in the same school again, Vaughn will be a freshman in high school and Vance will be a senior. I prefer all my birdies to be in the same nest, so it will take some getting used to.

Can't believe there's a middle schooler in the house! 

Here's to the weekend! Cheers!!

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  1. Can't believe Vance is heading to 6th grade next year! So happy he has a phone now and have a great weekend ;) p.s. you all were troopers going on the zoo field trip in the rain!



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