Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kitchens that Suit your Personality

LOVE this accent wall (also love in livingroom, on either side of the fireplace...if we have a very high ceiling:
(This pin led to a bogus page. Would love to give credit - let me know if you know where this kitchen is from!)

Have a few minutes to spare today?

1. Take this (shortened) Myers-Briggs personality test.

2. Then go here to see what type of kitchen best suits your personality type.

I fall between INFJ and ISFJ and if you mix together those kitchens, I think it's pretty spot on, gauging from what's currently filling my Pinterest Kitchen board.

Happy Wednesday! We're almost there!

One Response to “Kitchens that Suit your Personality”

  1. This kitchen is gorgeous...right up my alley!



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