Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday 5

~ 5 things from the week ~

The first week of summer has been slow, which has been good for all of us. No camps, just TV, errands, and downtime at home, which these busy kids aren't used to. You can tell that boredom set in yesterday afternoon by the glazed look in their eyes, which means we might just have to head to the pool today. Let's hope for sun!

Here's to giant bubbles!

Here's to wedding anniversaries!

Here's to kids that cook! 
Vance gets a cooking bug every summer, so we've been in the kitchen a lot this week. I know they look like balls of poo, but these energy bites are so good! 

He made salsa too! This batch had a bit too much jalapeƱo, but that hasn't stopped us from eating it. My goal is to have him making complete dinners by the end of the summer, ha! I know summer will start to get busy and I'll see less and less of him, but I've enjoyed having some one on one time with him in the kitchen this week. 

Here's to fun sandals!
Credit: HonestlyWTF

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!

One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Love that Vance made salsa! Now you just need him to make dinner on taco tuesday...ole. Those sandals are totes adorbs...



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