Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday 5: School's Out!

Last weekend we were out of town for one of Vance's baseball tournaments. After being seated in the hotel restaurant for breakfast one morning, the waitress came over, looked directly at me, and kept saying, "Are you?...Are you?...Are you?" until I interrupted and said, "Am I what"? She stammered around for a bit before saying, "Are you their mom or their sister?" referring to the kids. Turns out she didn't know whether to offer me coffee or juice (because adults only drink coffee and kids only drink juice) and that's how she chose to go about it, not just ask what we'd like to drink. 

I know I look young, but I'm feeling pretty O L D right now because as of yesterday, I'm officially the mom of a 7th and a 4th grader. Next thing I know I'll be planning a high school graduation party and that scares the bejesus out of me. They're getting older, yes, but the fact that they still can't seem to remember to brush their teeth and are at times scared to go to the basement alone, keeps them young in my heart and mind. I'm looking forward to not over booking them with camps this summer and to just enjoy time together. Party on, Wayne!

L O V E this new shirt

I bought this hat to keep the sun off my face (because I'm old and have been noticing more sun spots), but turns out he keeps the rain off just as well. (See below)

Vance's tournament last weekend saw more rain than it did sun, but we made the best out of it!

I'm on a mad hunt for rugs and chairs! Let me know if you have a great source for either!

A friend from the bus stop made these awesome last day treats for all the mom's. (Thanks again, Jen!)  On top is a shower bomb, which I can't wait to try out! Up to this point, I had only heard of bath bombs. Have you heard of them before???

Just like last year, we silly stringed the kids when they got off the bus, which is always fun. Thinking we need to switch it up next year with water balloons and squirt guns!

Vance's birthday is this weekend and I'm looking forward to celebrating, watching him play some baseball, and especially spending time with family over the holiday weekend. Hope you have a great weekend as well.


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