Friday, May 05, 2017

Friday Five: The Past 3 Weeks

 A little bit of what's been keeping me away from here lately.

Baseball games

Numerous trips to Home Depot

The floors are being redone at the house and we're constantly looking for reasons to get out of the construction zone, so brunch at a fun, new place.

A couple of hold-ups with the flooring has put us behind schedule, which has meant staying out of the house more, but we're back on track now. Smooth sailing from here, fingers crossed!

New stress reliever because of above mentioned hold-ups

Celebrating Vaughn's 9th birthday! 

To add to everything, the kids have been off of school all week due to flooding in nearby areas. This has been the worst week to have the kids home because of the construction and not being able to move freely throughout the house. Things are looking up though - the water is beginning to recede, no more rain in the forecast, the sun is shining, and it's Cinco de Mayo! Gonna be a great weekend! 


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