Friday, July 21, 2017

House Update: All Major Work is Done, Son!

The painters finished up on Tuesday around noon and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have the house back. Morning coffee in the kitchen! Not eating breakfast and lunch in my bedroom! Explaining once again to the kids that they can't have friends over because of the toxic paint fumes! I can do laundry any time of day and not get in anyone's way! All reasons to be celebrated! 

While there's still a list of stuff left to be done (lighting, rugs, door hardware, furniture) 
I'm overjoyed to say the major work is complete and we couldn't be happier! The improvements make the house feel more like us, something we've never had in our past 3 homes.

While we couldn't make the island wider, we extended it to make it longer and who knew that a foot would have made such a big difference?! I love the having the extra work space and it's just as nice to have another place to tuck a barstool because even though the island is small, everyone ends up gathering there. 

This middle area used to be a desk, which no one used and felt dated, so we opted to install another cabinet for storage. Still waiting on the doors to be delivered. 

Before: orange and dark. 

I couldn't find a before picture of the stairs, but they were the same orangey oak that matched the kitchen and stood out like a sore thumb next to the floors. We didn't want to undertake a whole stair redo (maybe in the future), so we chose to have them glazed. Glazing is much cheaper than stripping, and while it's hard to get a good shot of the color, they turned out great! No more orange and the brown tone blends with the new floors. 

Another item to be refinished was the kitchen table. A square fits best in our kitchen and I couldn't find a new table that I liked as much, so I found someone who could bring it back to life. Again, out with the orange! Like the blue folding chairs?!? I'm still on the hunt for new chairs...stay tuned!

The table before is was refinished. Still going strong after 16 years! 

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope you all have a good one too! 


One Response to “House Update: All Major Work is Done, Son!”

  1. Tracey9:54 AM

    Looks SO pretty!! Please post after photos when you get the new lighting! We too have track lighting over our island! It's awful, and I just don't know what to do and am a little afraid to take it down! So happy for you to be back to normal.



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