Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

You need these Powerberries from Trader Joe's.

I need these cute and comfy shorts from Athleta.

Genius! The kids and I love to play Yahtzee and now we can take it to the yard.
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Was sad to hear about Prince and wanted to share this story about him. (Towards the end, gotta wait for it.)

Last Saturday was our school's annual father daughter dance, a night that Vaughn and many girls look forward to. Unfortunately, this year, a tragic accident occurred and the unthinkable happened to a little girl who was crossing the street to get to the dance while holding her father's hand. Needless to say, it's been a hard week for our school and community. This heartbreaking incident is yet another reminder to cherish what's really important in life and to enjoy each and every day.

"We are only given today and never promised tomorrow. So make sure you tell the people who are special in your life, that you love them."

Cheers, friends. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fun Thing: Sun Art!

This is perfecto for those who prefer their crafts quick and non-messy. All you need is a pack of Sun Art paper and some objects. While, flowers and leaves are a go-to for sure, Vaughn and I chose some other items laying around the house. Instructions and everything you'll need will be inside the package, but all you do is arrange your objects onto the special paper (away from direct sunlight), place the acrylic sheet on top, and set it in the sun for a few minutes. Bring it inside, rinse with water (and lemon juice if you want the finished product darker in color), let it air dry, then place in a book overnight to keep it flat. Instant art!

With the acrylic sheet on top

Right after rinsing with water and lemon juice
Finished product

Cute with minimal effort! A group of them would look cute framed and arranged together, too. The possibilities are endless!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

The week started off bumpy, literally, with a mystery rash on Vaughn that turned out to be poison oak. Thank goodness for steroids! You can barely see it and she doesn't itch anymore.

The best thing this week is that the temps have finally started to warm up. We've been able to sneak in a couple of walks before the sun goes down.

 The worst thing this week was to be folding laundry while getting this text from Justin, who's been away for work all week. At least someone has gotten to hear the ocean in person this week! Happy that he'll be home tonight!

While I don't have a picture, I keep thinking about these cookies that I saw over at Bakerella last week. Trying my hardest not to make them, but I'm getting weak! Please go take a look!

Opening night for Vaughn's softball team tonight! They got new uniforms this year and they're adorable. The weather is supposed to be great for them and we're excited to cheer them on! 

Hoping you have a great weekend! Cheers!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday 5

~5 things from the week~

Let's talk rompers and jumpsuits because they're everywhere lately. I love how they look, but have never been able to find one that's cute enough or long enough, to make me want to get totally undressed in order to use the restroom. (Maybe I should just stick to dresses!) I know there's one out there for me somewhere, so the hunt continues! There's a bunch to ooh and aah over at Anthropologie right now.  

Spring baseball is tough because one day you can wear a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops and be just fine.

Two days later, you'll need long underwear, a winter coat, 3 blankets, and hot chocolate but will still be cold. I'm ready for warmer temps...

and boat drinks! If you need to step up your blender drink game, read this article. Looks so good!

Need a gentle reminder to calm those nerves? There's a new item in the shop.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Friday 5

~ 5 things from the week ~

Cascarones on Easter were a hit with the kids! Thanks so much to my sis for hooking us up!

I love having fresh flowers in the house. They always brighten up the kitchen...

especially this week, since we've been having some gray and stormy weather.  

I've been working on my contribution for the 5th grade farewell this week. 125 of these suckers need to be done! Would love to finish up today, but realistically, I think it will be next week. 

I love that you can recycle old jeans at Madewell and in return they'll give you $20 off a new pair. Just another reason to go buy another pair! (I have my eye on some summer crops...)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spray Paint That Old Helmet...Again!

Vaughn's team changed names and colors this year, so the purple glitter needs to go. The helmet is still in good condition, it fits her, and I was so happy with how well the paint held up, I figured I had nothing to lose with repainting it again. Here's a close-up of the helmet right before I painted it this year. There were only a couple of visible dings. 

I get a lot of emails about the steps I took to paint last year's helmet, so I'll give another quick tutorial here. 
First, wipe off any dust or dirt. Then tape off whatever you don't want painted. I stick a plastic shopping bag inside and tape the edges, so the paint doesn't go through the vents of the helmet. I forgot to take before pictures, but you can see the bag inside the helmet and the tape around the edges. 

Here's my make-shift spray booth in the garage. I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover for the black paint and used many thin coats. When the final coat was dry, I used a black-glitter spray paint that I bought at the craft store. Again, I did several thin layers. When the last glitter coat was dry, I sprayed three coats of a poly clear coat to protect everything. 

I would have liked it to look more like a true black glitter and not like silver glitter on a black helmet, but I couldn't find the right kind of black glitter paint. All that aside, it's still fun, Vaughn loves it, and I saved money not having to buy a new helmet! Here's to another great softball season! 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Blue Apron Review

 I've said it before, but I'm really all about the "love to cook, hate to plan" lifestyle. Blue Apron is perfect for this and we've had four deliveries now and I can tell you it's good. If you're too busy to plan dinners and enjoy trying new types of food, then give it a try. Two thumbs up from us. Well, eight if you're really counting. :)

The delivery comes in a thermal insulated box with ice packs and instruction cards like this:

Everything is neatly packed on the inside. Proteins will always be separated on the bottom and closest to the ice packs. 

Eggs! Not cracked!

I did, however, have issues with my first and second shipments. Both times, the seal on the package that contained the chicken had leaked. (No other ingredients were harmed.) Both times I emailed their customer service and received quick replies with apologies and credits to my account. I was happy with how they handled everything. 

While the picture of this salmon/udon noodle dish isn't the most appetizing, it was a favorite from the whole family. (Justin and Vaughn cooked this one together!) 

While I've really enjoyed this service, I've found it more of a hassle to use on nights when the kids have activities -which sometimes is every week night- because it's a bit time consuming. On busy nights, a quick meal is the best answer for us. I've skipped the next 4 weeks meal deliveries just for this reason. (It's baseball, softball, indoor and outdoor soccer season all at once!) 
Here's the link to Blue Apron in case you want to check it out! 

*Blue Apron has no idea who I am. I paid for this service in full and do not receive anything in return for this post or if you sign up. I just like letting you know about fun things!


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