Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five

It's Friday! 
I'm celebrating making it through the week with these 5 things today.

1. Early morning workout while watching Pregnant in Heels.

2. Juicing with my buddy Vance. (celery, carrot, apple)

3. Library trip with the kids. (they've finished the first level of their summer reading program and are excited to get their first "prize".)

4. Toenail painting with my buddy Vaughn.

5. Pepper Harvesting. Possibly more pepper roasting?

Happy Friday!

4 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Like how you put the tops on the peppers...I didn't do that...I'll show you mine...

  2. Everything is fancier with a hat!

  3. what is that pepper thingy??? is that to roast peppers on the bbq?? I always have to cut mine in half and lay them if I want to make stuffed peppers.

    I also like the idea of Friday Five.

  4. It's a pepper roaster to use on the grill. A jalapeƱo corer makes it easier to get the seeds out. Just stuff them and throw them on the grill until everything's bubbly! Makes for quick appetizers!



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