Friday, February 08, 2019

Friday 5!

Vaughn chose these Valentine's to hand out to her classmates this year, which just occurred to me that  it's the first time in her school career that they haven't been handmade. (And I'm totally OK with that!) In case you're still looking, they're from Peaceable Kingdom and ship fast from Amazon! (Looking for Valentine's Printables? I shared a bunch on my last post.) 

I finally decided to try these Dark Chocolate Oreo's that I've been hearing so much about and they live up to the hype!  They're so good!! If regular Oreo's are too sweet for you, these might just be the right combination. Worth giving them a shot!

Spotted these socks in Target and they instantly made me think of spring and warmer temps being (hopefully) right around the corner. The pink ruffle detail at the top is adorable!

Did anyone else take advantage of Pottery Barn's 40% off Bedding sale? New bedding has been on my wish list and I couldn't pass up this deal. Looking forward to getting everything washed and put on!

The weather here has been nuts - early last week the kids were out of school due to extreme cold and by the end of the week it was in the high 60's. The temps are dipping again today and for the weekend, so I it's the perfect time to make Vaughnie's favorite soup. It's Chicken Pot Pie soup from Edie at Life In Grace Blog. Give it a try if you need a new idea! 

Cheers to Friday! Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 04, 2019

Printable Valentine's and Classroom Activities Roundup!

This will be Vaughn's last year of passing out Valentine's to friends at school and she hasn't decided exactly what she wants to do yet. While I help her out with that, I thought I'd share some of the Valentine's Day printables and classroom activities that I've made in the past. Hope these can help you out!

Fortune Cookie Valentine's

Spectacular Valentine's

Jewel of a Friend Valentine's
(two different variations)

(Can also be used for classroom party activity)

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday 5

Friday 5

Valentine's Day is the carrot that gets me through dreary January and I enjoy putting a few little decorations around the house. I picked up the pink and white versions of these placemats last year but was excited to see the white and black ones this year! Target $1 spot never disappoints! 

I've written about these cookies before and I stand behind that they're the very best you'll ever eat. The cookies are massive and each batch only makes about 16 cookies, which means I need every. stinking. one of them. I made two batches for Justin to take to work for his annual cookie competition and fought off the kids pleading to have one. I did give in and let them split one (again - they're big!) but promised to make another batch next week just for us. If you have some time, check the link for the recipe! 

I don't know what these purple flowers are, but they've been a nice touch mixed in with the greens of the eucalyptus. I try to pick some up every time I go to Trader Joe's because 1. it makes the house smell like a spa, 2. each bouquet is only $2.99, and 3. I need touches of living color when it's so cold and gray out! It really does perk things up. Give it a try! 

Vaughn started bullet journaling, something I admire but could never do or keep up with. She's worked really hard on it and I'm amazed with her creativity! Google 'bullet journaling' to see what it's all about!

It's been a tough week for Minnie the faux mini goldendoodle. Freezing temps and rain have really put a hurting on her walks and overall outside time so she's taking in out on us. What is pictured are my AirPods (I know because of the tiny purple dot on each of them - we have to tag everything because kids) after Vance left them out of the case so he could charge his. (He lost his case so needs mine to charge his.) (Again, kids.) Later on that day, Minnie found another pair of earphones and destroyed those, boosting her life total for number of earphones eaten to a healthy 5 pairs. Because of this, and all the other stuff she's destroyed this week, she spent yesterday at dog school, reviewing her commands, playing with buddies, and working some aggression out on the treadmill. She came home dog tired and napped until it was time for bed. Now, that's the dog we wanted! 😁

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers!


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