Monday, January 22, 2007

Day One of The Project is over. So far, so good. Vance and I hung out upstairs, obviously, to stay out of the way. The environment around the house was pretty scary today. I've heard my share of job site noises, but when they're coming from your own finished house it's a little different. The sawing and ripping of wood, classic rock pumping from the De Walt radio, the smell of sawdust, and the sounds of unknown men using your dainty powder room toilet. The movie The Money Pit (I never can remember if it's underlined or italicised?) comes to mind - when Tom Hanks and Shelley Long return home from work to find their house in shambles. I thought that's what I would see when I snuck downstairs to grab lunch for Vance and myself. But, no. They vacuumed up after themselves and not a trace of dust.
It was still a long day today. Being stuck upstairs with a baby and a dog, not fun. Plus, Vance would not take a nap. The men will be back tomorrow morning and claim they will be done by the afternoon. Let's hope so!

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