Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vance has a stuffed dog. He calls it Dog. With a long O. I caught him sniffing the top of its head today. I know this probably means nothing to most of you. Let me explain.

My sister used to stick Raggedy Anne's hair up her nose when she was little. She loved that doll within an inch of its life and the mutilated remains are kept in a plastic bag at my parents house. Next came Ryan. She was given an Annie doll when she was a baby but by no means was it pushed on her. She discovered Annie on her own and at a young age. Ryan prefers to sniff the top of Annie's head, not stick it up her nose. Does this type of evolution mean that Ryan's daughter will be satisfied just holding Annie?

Ryan is generous and usually gives out sniffs of Annie. She has been letting Vance sniff Annie since he's been in the womb and he has always seen Ryan sniff Annie. Think it's nature or nurture?

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    You are in trouble sis hons of buns! Looks like it's nature and Vance will be suffering from the sniffing syndrom. I think we might get this from Grandad-he always enjoys his Annie sniffs. He could be a closet sniffer!



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