Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I saw a fellow Mommy out for a walk today with her 2 kids. The oldest was pushing a lawn mower and the youngest (I'm guessing around 2.5 years old) was being pushed on one of those tricycles with the pushbars behind.

Side note: The pushbar is there so you can push the kid from behind. Because I'm a first-timer and therefore know nothing I laughed at that weird looking bike when we bought Vance his tricycle (we don't need no stinkin' pushbar!). Yes, that was me, yesterday afternoon with my ass sticking up in the air, bent over pushing Vance down the street on his bike because he doesn't get the pedaling thing yet.

Back to my point...The little girl was wearing a helmet. The bike, while attached to the pushbar, is like a stroller. How fast can you go? Parents, is this necessary? I'm asking because again, I'm a first timer and know nothing about safety gear. Maybe the little girl was just excited and wanted to wear it. Maybe the mom was wanting her to get used to the idea of wearing it while out on her bike. Who knows. But, I'm thinking this is a little ridiculous. Vance does not own a helmet yet. I'm holding out until his top-speed on his John Deere tractor reaches at least 2 mph.

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Vancer don't need no stinking helmet. America is raising a bunch of sissies. They want to outlaw dodge ball and tag. If you play a team sport everyone gets a trophy. What happened to competition and Winner take all! Hang in there Vance.

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    We have never used helmets for tricycles or big wheels or push car things.

    We only break out the helmets for bike riding or for the motorized John Deere Tractor thing and sometimes we are little lax with that too. I would buy a helmet when you buy him a bike.



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