Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chicago, Day One

am sitting in bed right now waiting for vance to fall asleep. it's a good-sized hotel room, but he can still see me and keeps saying, "hi mama!, hi dada!". so hard not to laugh.

our hotel is across from the apple store and our view looks down on the crazy people in line for the iphone. it circles for blocks and i'm loving that starbucks has set up a tent in the middle of the chaos.

we ordered in geno's tonight then walked around michigan ave. i bought appetizer plates at crate and barrel. pretty excited about those. justin looked for work shoes and golf shoes. no luck on either. actually, if the people at nike town find his size in the golf shoes he wants they're going to call him tomorrow. we'll see.

while moving around furniture to accommodate the crib we found some porn. exactly what you want to find in your hotel room. so, i'm trying not to imagine what was going on here last night, but i always find that my imagination is much worse than reality.

tomorrow we're going to head down to navy pier and check out the children's museum. weather is supposed to be nice. am looking forward to it.

justin is sleeping. vance has finally stopped chatting, but i can hear him moving around. guess it's time for me to call it a night.

nighty night!

One Response to “Chicago, Day One”

  1. maybe the porn was justin's and he planted it there!



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