Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, it is a dry heat. And I wasn't kidding about the whole leg hair singeing thing either. That's what it feels like when walking across asphalt mid-day when it's 116 degrees out. There was almost always a breeze, which made it worse because it's hot wind coming at you.

Besides the heat, we had a great time in Scottsdale. The Resort was absolutely beautiful, in fact I only took 6 pictures while there, and they were all of the room. Think of a modern Westin hotel, but expanded into a villa. And everywhere you go the Westin smell is filtered in. It's very light and clean, and very much for sale. Your home can smell like the Westin too! and only for a small fee! I'm trying to find a way to fit this into the budget. I was hoping that when we got home and unzipped our luggage that it would still have the smell, but no. Just smelled like airplane.

We didn't do too much while out there. Which is fine by us, because with Vance, we're always doing something and that something is never usually what we really want to be doing. We saw two movies, had lots of pool time, and did lots of eating. Had a few cocktails and watched the bagpiper wander around the golf course. The bagpiper, Mike, lovely Scot he is. I wonder if there is a diffrence between Irish and Scottish bagpiping? Hmmm...something to Google later. We wanted to climb Camelback and see Frank LLoyd Wright's Taliesin, but we'll do that next time.

Next time??? Yes. We liked it so much that we have bought another week out there. So, sometime in the next 18 months we will be visiting Arizona again, but hopefully not in the summer, dry heat and all.

P.S. Happy Birthday Leaf!

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