Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It started raining on Saturday morning and hasn't really stopped yet. I ran out of brilliant ideas to keep Vance entertained inside 2 days ago. I'm running on fumes here.

The majority of the last few days here have been devoted to keeping the peace between Daisy and Vance. Daisy is like a teenager and Vance is the annoying little brother always messing with her stuff. For some reason, Vance has been relocating Daisy's bed lately and using it for his personal play space (yuck). Daisy hates this. This is boring stuff.

I stole this picture from Charity's site. It was too cute not to. Ry's first day of kindergarten was today. How cute is she?!

One Response to “Soggy”

  1. too cute sis! good luck entertaining vance-hope it quits raining for you!



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