Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Of Cars and Stink

Have a mentioned how Vance likes to line up all his cars? Here's a random shot of when he lined some of them up on the arm of our couch. A first for him, he usually prefers the carpet.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it he doesn't do to much lining up anymore. He does groups, what he calls "parking lots", and they've been confined to the rug under the dining room table. I'm enjoying this, because now I have less groupings of cars to hop over all around the house.

So, the rug in the dining room. Not a cheap rug, not an expensive rug, your standard 8x10 Pottery Barn rug. If anyone needs such a rug go ahead and drive by our house, there's a good chance it could be on the front lawn today.

It smells.

Next time you're in Pottery Barn stop by the area rug display and breathe deeply. I thought it would go away once in our house, but no. The problem is that it's a wool rug. Wool + Moisture = Stink. Moisture you ask? Yes, when we have the windows open I guess the moisture in the air makes it worse. We've had our windows open for a few days and we've gotten rain, so it's bad again right now. And driving me nuts.

I've Googled this and found no real answer. I've tried sprinkling smelly stuff and vacuuming it, but nothing. And I'm sure no one else can really smell it. I'm sure Justin can't smell it - he only knows about because I keep asking him about it. "Do you smell that?!? Do you? Come over here and smell. How can you not smell that?!?" I've always had a strong sense of smell and this is just the curse I live with. Woe is me...

2 Responses to “Of Cars and Stink”

  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    The rug smells like roses. Charisa is talking crazy...

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    It's not the wool, it's not the moisture. It's the rubber latex backing used to hold your rug together. Nothing will get the odor out. Trust me.



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