Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today is Justin's 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Old Man!  (He can't read blogs at work, so I'm being nice by not being too mean....)

Like I mentioned before, Vance spilled the beans about his birthday present, so I'm afraid it will be a dull night.  However, I don't think he'll mind because tomorrow begins our 3rd annual Holiday Family Tour and it will be everything besides dull around here.  

15 of our crazy family members will be here to, well, do what we do.  Actually, only 13 of them are crazy.  Justin's parents are joining the fun this year and even though they've been warned, I'm not sure that they will be ready for the chaos that this group can create.  I'm thinking they're going to walk away scratching their heads, questioning what they witnessed over the weekend.  

It's not easy to describe my family.  The family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding comes to mind, except we're not Greek and have never roasted a lamb in the front yard...yet.  We're loud and intertwined in each other's daily business.  Getting together is not a chore and is something we want to do and look forward to.  I'm sure bystanders don't understand our relationship, but oh well.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I've run out of time and will continue with the activities for the weekend later.  


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  1. we had a preview of what the weekend holds in store last nite, and all I can say is "oh boy" it going to be fun!

  2. We are a bit crazy too and looking forward to all the choas with family and friends!! Love you all...G&M

  3. Tell Justin, Dave and I say Happy Birthday.



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