Saturday, March 15, 2008

32 Weeks of Baby Fun

This picture was taken on Monday, right around 31.5 weeks. 

I now have a 32 week old baby in my belly and we still:
  • Don't have a name
  • Are unsure about the bedding I ordered
  • Don't have girl clothes
  • Have to make a trip to Babies R' Us for necessities
  • Have a swimming pool sized hole full of unknowns (More later on that one)

2 Responses to “32 Weeks of Baby Fun”

  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    So glad you let us have a peek at her. I was telling Charity I had a dream night before last we got to see what she was going to look like. You laid down on a blanket, belly side down, and when you got up her impression was on the blanket! Of course she was beautiful. Can't wait. Love, Mom

  2. You look great. Only 8 more weeks to go. I can't wait to meet the little girl. She is going to be beautiful.



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