Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Miss May

Here's our best attempts at pictures yesterday. She's still too floppy and unpredictable for me to really get a good shot. We're doing the real picture thing this weekend. Surely better shots will be captured!

We're heading up north for the weekend. Our final family trip up to the house to take care of some last things, see friends one last time, and to bring home more summer clothes. The Movers will be coming to pack us in a couple of weeks and it looks like our stuff will be going to storage since we haven't found a house here yet. 

We're hoping this trip will do some good for Vance. Well, either it will be good or even confuse him more. He's been homesick, asking to go back home, to sleep in his Big Boy Bed, and for certain toys that we left back. All the adjustments we've been making have been tough on him and in return he's being tough on us. He's been acting out in ways that are unlike him, which have been making the days last twice as long. Hopefully this is just one big, ugly phase. We're missing our sweet, little boy.  

9 Responses to “Miss May”

  1. She is too cute, where did all of that hair come from? Good luck this weekend & finding a house

  2. I think the pics turned out good! I can totally see how Vance would be confused, and he is still just a little too young to understand what is going on!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    What darling children! I can't wait to see them. Poor little Vance, so many changes all at the same time. Life can be so difficult, at any age. Lucky for him to have all those grandparents that are willing to entertain him. From what I read, and hear, he leads a very active life! See you in June! Aunt Sharon

  4. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Toughen that kid up. Sounds like he is being a wuss just like his old man.

    the mayor

  5. Those pictures are really cute. I can't wait to see the real ones! You have very cute kids.

  6. Charisa!!!

    My dad said he ran into your dad but had (not-surprisingly) vague info to share. Thought I'd google you, and it got me here.

    Your children are beautiful! Congratulations on the new baby. Can't believe you're moving at the same time!

    Glad to hear you're back home. I'd love to hear more. Get in touch if you get a chance.


  7. How was Wisconsin? How is the house hunting?

  8. oh my gosh - she's adorable!! holy mop of hair!!!!! :)



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