Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Idea Turned Bad

My dad suggested that we go on a walk last Sunday. It being a beautiful morning and Father's day, we all ran to put our shoes on. I even got Daisy ready to go because it had been awhile since she had been on a walk. For those who'd like to visualize, it was me, my mom and dad, Vance, Daisy, and Baby Girl in the stroller. Justin was golfing. 

Ten minutes into our walk proved that the beautiful morning had turned into a hot early afternoon. Vance, who refused just to walk, "I exercising!", would only jog and Daisy was already panting pretty hard.  

(Due to present time restraints, I'm going to make this short...)

We barely made it to the Market Basket before Daisy and Vance's legs gave out. Yes, we were the ones hanging out in front of the Green Earth Grocery store waiting for a vehicular rescue by Team Little. Vance's legs could have made the trip back, but Daisy's back legs literally stopped working. As in no more walking. It never occurred to me that she couldn't handle a walk this long. Our little dog is getting old.

(Baby crying, cranky Vance, must run...) 

3 Responses to “Good Idea Turned Bad”

  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    what a day, it's scary when a dog gets overheated and can't walk anymore, that happened to george one time in forest park, she ended up lying in a creek in order to try and cool down

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    aww, poor Daisy. :( I just had a total flashback when you said the Market Basket though - awesome.

  3. At least George was smart enough to get in the water. I tried forcing Daisy to drink water, but she wouldn't even do that.



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