Friday, July 25, 2008

I've got the kitchen wallpaper almost all down and have a lot of pictures to share. In the chaos, I have misplaced my camera cord and charger, so I can't download the pictures. I'll try and get them downloaded this weekend. 

Vaughnie just found her feet. I mean, like seconds ago. She's sitting on the table in her Bumbo seat in front of me and keeps wiggling them around and staring at them. Her thighs are getting too big for the Bumbo. When I go to take her out of it, the chair comes with and I have to pry her little leggies out. 

Needless to say, it's going to take us awhile to get this house where we want it. Seems like we've been so busy since we've moved in with other things, we don't have much time left over to do house related stuff. It's hard for me to get anything done during the day, you know, with those damn needy kids around. No matter where I hide, they always find me. And Vance still hasn't been napping. I need normal, everyday life to stop for a few days and I'd be able to get things done. But, no, there's laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and "Play with me, I'm bored!" and "Waaaaaa! I'm hungry!". There's half started projects everywhere, piles of paperwork and mail scattered about, and clutter! Don't get me started about the clutter! It's hard for me to live like this. I can't concentrate or relax when so much needs to be done. Hopefully we can cross a few more items off of our list this weekend.

Vance has actually slept in this morning, which is the exact reason this post is being written. He's up now and just informed me that he's bringing down toast and breakfast for us. Am considering bringing his kitchen down here. He keeps bringing all his play food down, half of it falling off of the plate and bouncing down the stairs. I'm tired of hauling it back upstairs throughout the day.

On the agenda for this weekend:
Picking out paint for the kitchen/family room/foyer
Finishing the wallpaper and washing the walls
Deciding on a fence
Hanging dining room curtains and rods
Getting Vance a new car seat (my coupon expired yesterday, go figure)


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  1. good luck on getting all of your house stuff done. It will all come together soon enough and I am sure it will look great!

  2. Good luck with your long list. I can't believe you have almost all the wall paper down. Next time we come over it is going to be a totally different looking house.



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