Friday, August 01, 2008

Still uncool

The first time I bought formula for Vaughn the checkout lady at Target told me how sometimes the computer spits out $10 off Enfamil coupons at the end of receipts. She likes to keep an eye out for them and will ask the person if they have any use for this type of coupon and if not, save them for people who did. (Unfortunately, she was out of them that day. Go figure.) 

I've bought a lot of formula since then and have never seen one of those coupons. Until a couple of days ago. I got one and I nearly crapped my pants. I got so excited! I've heard of these! No way! Vance thought I was crazy. I called Justin, glowing. Yes, this seals the deal that I'm uncool and get excitement of this level over one coupon. 

Anyways, watch the end of your Target receipts and look for those coupons! Then send them to me or let somebody else have them! $10 off is huge in the baby formula world!

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