Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update!

On Friday we travelled back to Madison for a visit. Vance is still a little confused about everything. Before we left he told me that his bed wouldn't fit in the car, that we'd have to get the big moving trucks again. When we arrived at the hotel he said he didn't want to sleep here. He wanted to sleep at our house. Poor kid. 

It was great seeing friends and we even fit in time to get family pictures taken at Olbrich Gardens. The leaves were beautiful and it was a gorgeous day to be outside. Vance was a little cranky during pictures and Vaughnie slobbered all over her first shirt, then spit up on her second shirt, so in some she's wearing a bib. I hope there's a few good ones in the mix.

It was strange being back were we once called home. It still felt like home. On Saturday morning we spent some time at our neighbors house and being next door to our old house was awkward. I didn't want to look but being that close I couldn't help myself. Their choice of ugly patio furniture leads me to believe they have uglified the inside of our cute house too. Maybe it was too soon to return. I'm still a little bitter. 

Just got a call that the alarm guy is on his way. Must get moving. Have a good day.

3 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    hi keaser! i'm back from my trip and catching up on past postings. nice work on the dining room - looks great. scarecrows are beautiful...can't believe you got away with not actually using straw though! :) can't wait to see the family pics too.

    On a seperate note, does anyone have any great halloween costume ideas (couple or single). Timmy's brother is getting married on 11/1 and he's having a rehearsal dinner on Halloween - costumes required. Kind of have mixed feelings on that, but don't have a choice so need help... all ideas are welcome (as long as you can eat dinner while wearing it!).

  2. yeah, i'm thankful that vance settled for those scarecrows too! i think it was the bendy legs that won him over!

    wow, i'm thinking about the costumes. a little passe, but i think it would be great to see you as amy winehouse, stac. especially at a rehearsal dinner. hair and makeup a mess, half dressed...those pictures would be keepers. i'll keep thinking!

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    ha ha ha, amy winehouse - nice. i'm not sure the super mini and the sexy needle marks on the arm would fly at the family party though. :) plus, i think i need to loose about 40 pounds to even be CLOSE to her weight...haha.

    so far we're thinking we're going to go as a samurai and a ninja. a little lame, but at least we get to have awesome weapons with us. i mean, how can nunchucks NOT make a rehearsal dinner more fun!?!?



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