Monday, December 15, 2008

We haven't had a weekend like that one in a long time. We were up late on Friday and Saturday night, the kids were up early each morning, and Vance was extremely cranky all weekend long. 

We did get all of our shopping done over the weekend, such a nice feeling! We also bought another baby gate. (We have two that we used with Vance, but they wouldn't work for the stairs.) Vaughnie isn't crawling yet, but she's doing a good job pulling herself and rolling to get where she thinks she needs to be. 

Since we've had the carpets cleaned, Daisy has tracked in mud at least 3 times, Vaughnie has spit up at least 5 times, and has had one poopy diaper leak. This white carpet is SO not for us. 

The Dishwasher Fix-It Man was here again this morning, still not knowing why it's leaking. It's under warranty, so these visits and parts aren't costing us anything, but this has been his 3rd time here. He thinks I'm using too much soap, so I'm supposed to back down on that and he's ordered yet another part to try out. 

Christmas cards were just delivered. Going to open them up and see how they look!

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  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    hope the Christmas cards turned out well!tell justin happy late birthday for me - my treo crashed a couple of months ago and i lost almost all of my birthday reminders so now i don't know when anyone's is - boo hoo.

    have a great week though. i'll check back on wednesday to see the lastest (i'm traveling for work tomorrow to sweet sweet Pittsburgh...awesome).

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    old Stacie always with the technology excuses! Gotta stick with the blackberry, its where its at.

    the mayor

  3. You got your cards quickly. I hope they look great, which I am sure they will.



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