Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Losing my mind

Vance has shed tears twice already this morning. Mini-meltdowns. Is this day over yet?

Vance still hasn't been sleeping well. Every morning he wakes up a little earlier than the one before. Today's wake up call came around 5:15. We sent him back to bed, but he made so much noise that he woke up Vaughnie. So, we've all been up since then and I'm convinced that this day will suck. I've also shoveled half of the driveway. We had to drain all of the gas in the snow blower before the Movers would take it and we never thought we'd have to use it here, so manual labor today. Justin started shoveling in his work clothes and shoes. Silly! 3 years in Wisconsin and he still doesn't own a pair of snow boots. So I geared up and took his place. Vance came out and helped too. We might tackle the other half this afternoon.  

I might go crazy today. We have not left the house since Sunday. We've stayed in our PJ's for most of those days. Yesterday, around 1:00, I changed sweatshirts. Put a little fancier one on for the PM. Must get dressed and leave the house today.

I haven't talked about Vegas yet and, like Sarah, I've been cooking all week, so I've got food to talk about too. Maybe this afternoon....

10 Responses to “Losing my mind”

  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I am with you, lady! I haven't left the house since Saturday and I am need of Carter going to preschool and I might be insane by day's end. I have twisted Clay's arm to come plow my driveway though. I wouldn't mind going to work about now! Hope we can make it through the day! Oh and I haven't started running yet. I am going to give myself at least three full weeks post partum before I start. The idea of exercise makes me want to cringe!

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The mayor stayed at home today!

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    how much snow did you guys get? surprisingly chicago only got like an inch in the last few weeks - whoa. also, keaser - whatcha bakin??? :)

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    so did you survive today?

  5. i'm barely hanging on right now. it's been an awful day. i'll leave it at that. how's your dryer? is todd back yet?

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  7. Do you and your running crew want to do the St Pattys Day (Downtown) run on the 14th of March - 5 miles...

  8. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Todd just got home. Torture over. The effing dryer is still broken and the Maytag guy is too big of a weinie to drive in snow. I talked to him on the phone though and he heard the buzz sound it makes and he said the timer has gone bad and will cost a million dollars to fix. We are buying a new dryer--I wanted a new couch for the basement, but I get a new dryer instead--yea!! Although I wonder if I should be trusting a phone diagnosis. Seems weird. Luckily we went out to play in the snow so I didn't go officially insane today. Clay plowed my driveway and I found Chrissy outside my door shoveling the sidewalk--I heart them.

    You better drink a beer tonight instead of the tea you had last night!

  9. i ran last night and today. i hurt! i hurt in places that i forgot i had - like that little muscle on the inner part of the knee. ugh.

    sorry you had a bummer of a day. i still havent left the house either. the only reason i changed out of pjs was to put work out clothes on to hop on the treadmill.

    share some cooking details. i'm hungry!

  10. I just read your post today. I feel your pain. I haven't left the house in forever. I am leaving today to take Samuel to the doctor. He still has a fever. Going on 4 days now. I ran 3 miles yesterday though. Felt great. I probably won't have time today. Samuel being sick and the snow outside is making me go CRAZY! Hope you are better today.



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