Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Light for Sale!

Happy Wednesday! Let's talk about my powder room!

It's apparent that the original owner of this house liked things overdone. Matching fruit wallpaper and fruit tiles in the kitchen. Dark, heavy fabric window treatments on every window. Dark lighting everywhere. To me, it felt like we moved into a Medieval castle. 

So, it's really no surprise that when she saw this light fixture she had to have it. I think in the right place, it would be perfect. But the powder room is not its place. This mirror is just too big for the space and it does not give off any light. It's also hard to hang anything else on the walls because it's just so overpowering. 

This was one of the electrical changes that we needed to have redone. The hook-up is in the center of the mirror and it wouldn't work with another fixture. So hopefully that will be completed tomorrow and I'll have an "after" picture to share.

If anyone would be interested in the mirror, let me know. I'll give a great deal on it. 

In other Wednesday news, Justin returns home tonight from a business trip, Lost is on, and the finale of Top Chef. Go Carla!

4 Responses to “Light for Sale!”

  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    the old business trip line eh?
    Hope the little ones feel better.

    Today is my Thursday. 4 day work week. Returning to my roots Thursday night.

    the mayor

  2. I can't wait for Top Chef tonight. I hope Carla wins too! Can't wait to see the change in your powder room. Hope Vaughn is feeling better.

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    lost rules. can't wait! haven't seen top chef, but i'll root for your girl - go carla! :)



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