Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update!

Updated @ 9:13: Just made Vaughn a doctors appointment for 2:45 this afternoon. Only our second time at this doctor - will see how everything goes. The first receptionist seemed to be clueless on the phone. She was having trouble finding us in the computer and asked 3 different times, "Are you sure she doesn't have any other names?" Yes. I am quite positive my daughter only has or goes by one name. 

A lot of firsts this weekend. Vaughnie has figured out how to crawl up the steps.
She has learned how to pull herself up to standing. (This was her actual first time doing so in the picture, taken by my shaky camera phone.)

And we took Vance to the Science Center. He's into dinosaurs right now so we thought he'd enjoy seeing Sue. He got really scared of the dinosaurs that move and growl and is still processing why the little one was lying on the ground "with red on his body". (The display he's standing in front of features a T. Rex and his newest prey, a triceratops with bloody marks on the side of his body.) He was so concerned when he saw it. He's a compassionate little guy.

Justin and I are thinking that we're catching the kids' cold again, so that's great news. We all keep giving different strains of it to each other. I'll be calling Vaughn's doctor today to schedule an appointment for her. No fever, just a running nose, a horrible cough, not much of an appetite, and trouble sleeping. I'm not one to rush the kids to the doctor every time they sneeze - I know a cold has to run its course. But it's been over a week now and she's not showing any signs of improvement, so hopefully the doctor can help. 

3 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. Let me know what Vaughn's doctor says. Samuel didn't sleep well at all last night and is coughing still. It will be a week tomorrow that he has been coughing. I'm so sick of this cold season.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    all you parents have no back bone. give the kids some jack and dimetap and let them sweat it out.

    the mayor

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    We took Carter to see Sue the weekend before last. He got scared of the moving ones too. He really thought the bloody one needed a bandaid.



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