Friday, June 12, 2009


I've spent the past week looking for signs. Signs that Daisy was sending down from above, letting us know that she's ok. Sounds silly, I know. No rainbows, no dog-shaped clouds, no orbs of light in pictures. I convinced myself yesterday morning that I needed to stop looking. A sign would come on its own. And I know Daisy is okay. I don't need a sign to let me know that.

Vance had a great day at school. Italy was the theme this week and he was excited to tell me how they made a pretend gondola by turning a table upside down and how they laid under tables and painted on paper taped to the underside of it while laying on their backs. We've since had many talks about Michelangelo.

After school, Vance had his first real playdate. He made friends with a little boy at his old school and his mom and I exchanged info on the last day of school. I was a little worried. I've only chatted with the boy's mom during pick-up and drop-off. She seemed nice, but do I just drop Vance off at a total strangers house? Needless to say, Vance was super excited about going to a friends house. As soon as we walked in he took off to check out his friends dino books. After seeing the house and chatting some more I felt comfortable about leaving. Turns out that they live close to us, which is nice. Before leaving I walked into the kitchen to ask Vance if he was okay with me leaving and he said, "Look, they've got a puppy!" I asked Vance's friend what their puppy's name was. He said, "Daisy".

There it was. My sign.

After dinner I asked Justin to check the air in the tires of my car. Vance went too to help. While they were outside a little boy was walking a dog and the dog stopped in our driveway and peed. Justin thought that was another sign. Typical Daisy. Sending a dog to pee on our driveway. She was always funny like that.

It still hurts that she's gone but we're starting to heal.

Have a good weekend. Do something fun.

5 Responses to “Signs”

  1. Glad to hear that your doing a little better without your Daisy Dog. I love the last sign she left you with!! Priceless!!! Have fun in Cinci...bring back some Montgomery Inn Ribs for Sunday night dinner....please.....

  2. we're going there tonight for dinner. do you want sauce or rub or anything like that?

  3. so glad to hear your doing a little bit better too. i'm still sending you long distance hugs.

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    i did something fun. I was at the pool all day yesterday.

    the mayor



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