Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Buy Me! Playset

Hey there! Mad Town Macs are cleaning house! Anyone interested in the above playset?

Click here for better pictures, dimensions, etc. There's a cargo net climbing area on the other side that my picture doesn't show. Vance only used it for 2 seasons. We took it apart and stored it inside during the winter months, so it's in pretty good condition. The major flaw is that the movers broke the telescope off during the move last summer and we forgot to include it in our list of damaged articles. I just checked and you can order a replacement telescope and bolt for $5.45.

It retails for $259.00, we'll take $75.oo. Anyone interested???

2 Responses to “Buy Me! Playset”

  1. you should try craigslist - you'll get more than $75 for it!!!

  2. I'd put this on your Facebook page also. It will hit many more people there. Wish I had a place...could use it when babysitting. Oh well...
    Vance has mail coming from Gram.



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