Friday, July 03, 2009

Vaughn is 14 Months

Vaughn is 14 months old today. Here's a quick rundown of what she's up to:

  • Trying to talk more. Says "Sh, Sh" for shoes, "Dis" for this, "Dada", "Hewo", and "Hi", you know, that kind of stuff.
  • Points a lot. Especially when we're at stores and she sees new stuff all around.
  • Likes to do things by herself. Meal times are a struggle and messy.
  • Eats with her left hand, but does most other things with her right.
  • Weighing in at 28.5 lbs. Haven't measured her, but I think she's thinning out. Her size 6 diapers are beginning to get looser.
  • Still loves to do anything that Vance does.
  • When she gets up, before leaving her crib, she holds up each item in her bed and says something like, "aaahhhh". Look at my blanket! Aaahhhh. Look at my baby! Aaaaahhh.
  • Then we mosey on over to the window, open the blinds, look outside, and she makes the same "aaahhhh" sound.
  • Loves playing peekaboo.
  • Has a fascination with Vance's underwear. I'm guessing it's the characters on the buns.
  • We bought her a new dress and new shoes yesterday. She was so excited to put them on and show them off. Justin noticed this behavior and commented how cute it was. (He grew up with 3 brothers. I'm sure none of which ever got excited over clothing.) I see lots of new dresses in her future.
  • Vance took this picture of her. I think it's the best one I have of her.

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