Thursday, August 06, 2009

We have toys coming out of our ears. Actually, not as many toys as I've seen at OPH (other people's houses), but we have our fair share.

Not only do we have toys we have an abundance of stuff. Superfluous items. Many things.

We're needing to chuck weed and clean house over here and it makes me cringe, but I think we're needing to have a garage sale. And quickly.

I've never done one, don't know how to price many said items, so A-Googling I will go. I'm going to need help (Mom!). Do I need tables to set things on? Tips would help, if you have them!


While trying to clean out the toys that the kids don't play with I realized something. Vaughn never played with baby toys like Vance did. All she was/is ever interested in was whatever Vance was playing with. Is this the deal with second kids? I'm going through Vaughn's basket of toys thinking, "she never played with this, but she's already too old for it". Guess I can get rid of it.

Busy day today. Gotta get a move on...

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    don't throw them away. Give them to goodwill!

    the mayor

  2. wasn't planning on throwing them out. that's what the garage sale is for.

  3. plan early and dont wait till the last minute. dont even wait until 2 before the sale to get organized and priced. I've dont that before and it sucks because i was exhausted before the sale even started. Enlist help during the sale too. You'll get busy and need someone else to help "ring" or answer questions. Price everything!! Someone will inevitably ask about the one thing you missed. Be willing to negotiate. With that being said I price a little more expecting haggling or just price lower to begin with and avoid most of it. Organizing is key! use as many tables as you can get your hands on. make them out of saw horses, plywood and cover with sheets if you have to. Hang up clothes. and get them out of the way and off tables. Make it look like a store with stuff grouped together. Run an ad in the paper and put it up on Craig's List. I was amazed at how many people look at the craig's list ad for yard sales. Get friends to sell their stuff too - the bigger the sale the more people.
    sorry for the novel. I just did all of this a few weeks ago so its fresh in my brain. lol

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I hate to tell you but garage sales are more trouble than they are worth. I did one this spring. I made a whopping $150. Who cares. Maybe you will have better luck.

  5. i know what you mean. i'm hoping that living on this busy street will pay off and bring more traffic.

  6. Our Last Garage Sale we took in $800! Tasha is right organize organize organize!!!!!!

  7. We have never made less that $1200. It was worth it for us. Good luck. Oh...and make good signs. Just great big fourescent poster board with "yard sale" and an arrow. We posted them all over town. I'll stop now. lol

  8. i appreciate all the tips! thanks guys!



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