Friday, September 04, 2009

Buy Me!

We like to keep things interesting around here.

Wanna buy our house?

Yes, we've only been here for a year, but we're ready to move on.

Who knows if it'll sell, we thought we'd give it a shot.

When we sold our first house I was hopped up on anti-depressants, Vance was 5 months old and we were moving 5 hours away from home. Not ideal.

When we moved back from Wisconsin you all very well know we moved in with my parents until our house sold. It was 3 weeks before my due date with Vaughn. A make-shift nursery was made, as was a Big Boy room for Vance, and don't forget Daisy. She was there for the fun too. We are forever grateful that my parents allowed our circus to move in to their quiet lives, but it was a little intense. We changed every aspect of a 3 year olds life and he went through some behavioral issues. Throwing a newborn on top was just the cherry. Again, not an ideal move.

Our Wisconsin house sold, quicker than what we expected, forcing us to start looking when Vaughn was just 2 weeks old. We were dealing with a sucky relocation real estate agent, but turned our head and moved on with her because of the time crunch to find a new house. (That's right, I said sucky.) Both Justin and I have agreed that we chose this house out of desperation. We weren't thinking clearly. My hormones were a mess again, our 3 year old was not himself (tantrums like I've never seen. My mom witnessed one and it was like he was possessed. The noises coming out of him were scary.) and we wanted our normal life back. We needed a house. So, we picked one. And again, not an ideal move.

This house is a very nice house, it's just not the house for us. We're not happy and haven't been for a while. We figured life is too short, so we're giving it a shot.

So, if this house sells, it will be our first move where a baby is not involved! No pressure and deadline to find a house! No crazy hormones to deal with! Who knows what type of house we'll pick this time! It's exciting and at the same time overwhelming. We just got things around here how we like them and the idea of doing them again to another house is just tiring. Oh well, we'll deal with that when we get there!

6 Responses to “Buy Me!”

  1. Well, good luck. I hope your house sells really quickly. So you guys went with Georgia and Michael. I hope they work well for you. Hopefully they will sell both of our houses quickly. When are they going to take pictures?

  2. Good Luck to you guys!! Hope it sells and you find what you want!! We too were in a crunch and settled and it sucks. since we have so many projects going on here we have to finish them before we can relist. ugh. no idea. you are so right - life is too short to be unhappy in your house! again, good luck!!
    ps - where are you looking to move?

  3. You should move in the house for sale on our street! lol...Then the boys could play together. Noah looks for Vance every time he rides his bike!!

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Good Morning Sis, Yes I do hope your house sells quickly too! I love the fact you do realize life is too short and that you are doing something to make the change. So you think you made a rash decision, big deal! Now you know what your after. You know my philosophy, "Things happen for a reason"and I can see you rolling your eyes at me now, but thats what I feel sometimes! Anyway our door is always open if you get a buyer that wants it and needs to close in a month! Love ya, Mom

  5. Thanks everyone! We'd love to move back to e'ville, but Justin's job is just too far away. Watching Noah and Vance ride bikes together helped our decision to try and move. Vance had so much fun - we need to live somewhere that he can play with kids and ride his bike whenever he'd like to!

  6. How are the house values over in your neck of the woods?

    We purchased ours in December 2004 and in the past couple of years, the value has decreased nearly $100,000.

    However, we are in the worst hit area (of this recession), and in our county alone, the unemployment rate is near 20%...and I'm one of 'em.



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