Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Day!

Big day around here. Not only is it my dad's birthday and my parents anniversary, it's also deck and house power washing day! Yay!

Here's a favorite picture of mine of my parents and Vance. We were at the downtown Madison farmer's market (the largest farmer's market in the US, fact of the day).

Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 38 years? Is that right? We love you!

Happy getting rid of ugly deck day too!

4 Responses to “Happy Day!”

  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Thanks Sis! Yes 38 yrs. Still wouldn't trade him for nothing.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    Also a Happy Birthday to you, Jeff!

  3. happy birthday & congrats mama/papa Lantz! darling picture...

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Congrats Jeff & Deb! And Happy Birthday Jeff! This picture is completely adorable!



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