Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's been busy around here and I've neglected my computer.

Today, Travis is coming to sand and stain the deck. Last week we had to move everything off the deck so he could power wash it. (I should devote one post about the furniture and other items that Justin and I have had to move on our own around here and the damages that have occurred. Yikes.) The kids have had a good time running laps on the empty deck, but I'm looking forward to getting our furniture back out there and out of our garage. I'm not looking forward to carrying the grill back up the stairs though.

Vance has school today, Vaughnie and I have a date with the grocery store, and later on I'll be preparing for the photographer who is coming tomorrow afternoon to take pictures of the house.

Last week our Stinky Pottery Barn Rug met it's maker and I'm looking forward to sharing that story. Soon.

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  1. too bad you couldn't have taken it back and received a store credit.

    oh well - bye bye stinky pottery barn rug - and good riddance.



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