Thursday, September 10, 2009

The plans switched at the last minute and the photographer who was coming to take pictures of the house came early in the morning instead of the afternoon.

It worked out fine, probably better. This way I didn't have to follow the kids around and clean up after them all day. He was done around 10:00 yesterday and I couldn't have been happier. What a relief to have those done and feel like we can "live" in the house again! Vaughn and I did nothing for an hour or so. She got every toy out and I didn't stress about putting them away until the afternoon.

The photographer was a very nice man who thought I was the Nanny. Not Fran Drescher, but the kids' nanny. Too young to be the owner, too young to have two kids. Ha! He was very apologetic.

What's up for today? A Target run, gearing up for the upcoming wedding. It's so close and we're all excited! Packing lists will probably also start today too! Vance and I discovered a turtle in our backyard this morning and he's on the move. Gotta go check it out!

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