Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding cont'd - Rehearsal

I'll be honest. I don't have the best pictures. Too busy living this weekend in Real Time. But, here's what I have:

Here's the wedding site. The ceremony took place were the group of people are standing. The grass was green. Sand and ocean were steps away. It couldn't have gotten any more ideal.

Here's my mom and Vaughn. I've decided no more bows for her. (For Vaughn, not my mom. While I wouldn't suggest a bow for my mom, she's a grown woman and can do whatever she'd like to.) They slide out of place or she pulls them out and they end up looking silly, like this. No more. At least until she tolerates them and leaves them put.

Here's Mark, a serious multi-tasker. No Shirley Temples were spilled. Success! It was a sunny, beautiful day. Who knew that hours away the skies would open up and we'd be forced to eat lobster in the rain?

According to Charity's cork wedges, we were a few inches deep. We were all wet, but we kept eating and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

Including these two. Shortly after this we were whisked away with umbrellas to an indoor location to finish up the party.

2 Responses to “Wedding cont'd - Rehearsal”

  1. Good job with the pics and story.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Great post Sis. I love the picture of Charity's shoe! How high's the water mama? Two heels high and rising! Also love the pic of Vaughnie and me. The humidity hadn't got to my hair yet!



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