Monday, October 19, 2009


Vance was having a tough time deciding what to be for Halloween. I was pushing for Bob the Builder, because Vaughn could be Wendy and how cute would that be. He kept saying, "No, I want to be a construction guy when I grow up, not for Halloween". Ok.

We went to Target on Saturday afternoon with an idea in mind and when we got to the costume aisle he had already changed his mind. "This is it!", he said. We took the costume home and since then he's been wearing it. He's not wearing it now, I make him take it off to eat, but he's holding it in his lap.

Any guesses? Mom and Dad, no guesses from you. They dropped by on Saturday night and witnessed the costume in action.

4 Responses to “Halloweenie”

  1. I'm guessing from the green and purple, that it may be someone important from Toy Story. We just saw that, you know. What will Vaughn be...little Bo Peep? Cute, Cute...

  2. i am stressing about halloween and yet i dont care at the same time. i just hope it isnt cold!

  3. Good guess, Gram! You're right! And he looks adorable in it!

    Tash, I'm with you. I'm trying to make myself not feel guilty about not buying a new costume for Vaughn. The one she wore last year is a little snug, but doable. and I have a fall-back lion suit that vance wore one year. Girls can be lions, right? Next year we'll do girlie butterflies or something like that!

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    i was going to go with a teenage mutant ninja turtle. i would have been wrong.

    damn it.

    the mayor



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