Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vaughn says Me Me

Vaughn said Me Me for the first time yesterday. Pronounced May-May, it's French for Grandma and that's what my mom goes by.

We're working on other family names, but the kids always say Me Me and Dee (for my Aunt Dee) first. It's no secret that these names are close to Mama and Dada, which are usually always first for babies. (Something to think about if you're a soon-to-be grandparent and trying to think of a name for yourself! Pick a M or a D name!)

My camera battery was almost out, so it's a little fuzzy and grainy. And it's also sideways. And Vaughn likes close-ups.

2 Responses to “Vaughn says Me Me”

  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I'm smil'in from ear to ear right now! Me'Me'

  2. it's spelled Meme and I have also seen it spelled Mamie but I believe that is the Americanized version. If my computer made the little accent marks at the tops of the letters they would be over the e's. French children call their mothers (mere) maman (mama with just a very little n sound at the end) so it is a natural progression for the grandmere (only for formal french children) to have the name Meme.

    Congratulations to having a bilingual daughter!



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