Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bag Issues

I use reusable grocery bags. I'm sure many of you do too. Why do I feel that the stores I shop at are baffled by them?

Does anyone else feel this way?

Checkers ask me if I want certain items in the bags. "No, just pack them like normal bags." Then they ask me how many items they can put in the bag. "You can stuff them pretty full. They're pretty sturdy." They make a big deal unfolding them. Basically, it's as if they don't know what to do with them. One lady totally tried ignoring them once. Let's do a diagram. It will be fun.

I'm in the white coat and pig tails (obviously). The jump roper is the checker. The green backpack represents my bags. The pencil and blue and pink scribbles are the stuff I'm buying. The long brown rectangle is the conveyer belt, the short one at the top is where the credit card machine is. The red square is where the plastic bags are.
The checker totally keeps ignoring my bags and keeps reaching over them to grab the items, scan them, and put them in the plastic bags. I watch her do two items before saying anything. She acted like she had never seen them. (Thanks to the KidArt app on my phone.)

And what is the deal with checkers not even placing your bags in your shopping cart or even handing them to you anymore? Is this beyond them?

7 Responses to “Bag Issues”

  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    what are blue and pink scribbles?

    the mayor

    ps - looking forward to the big party

  2. Kristin6:01 PM

    I have the same issue with the bags! I like your diagram:)

  3. This just happened to me today!! The checker at Hobby Lobby wouldn't even hand me the bag of my purchases. I reached over to grab the bag and struggled to reach it due to my large belly. She just stood there and watched! How Rude!!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one getting the shaft! Was beginning to think something was wrong with me!

  5. love the diagram and the cute pigtails! :)
    Yes, the same thing happens to me all the time, unfortunately it happens most at Target - one of my favorite places to shop!

  6. The diagramed incident happened to me at Target too!

  7. Give the bags to the bagger boys/girls not the checkers. they do not like having to think about what to do or multi task. Also make sure they are putting your meat in the plastic grocery bags before putting them in your bags. Apparently those nasty bacteria are starting to show up in the recycled bags. YUK



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