Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lights up? Check!

On Sunday, we took advantage of the warm weather and put up Christmas lights.

My dad bought this drill for Vance a couple of months ago. It's real. As in, not a toy. 8 cacti were also bought on this shopping trip. I've mentioned the randomness that occurs at my parents house, right? So, in that mind set, these purchases totally make sense.

Moving on!

Vance working the hammer.

Vance took these next shots. I had to hang on to the backside of the ladder to keep Justin from falling off. He fell only once, doing a little jump off like he meant to do it. It was quite graceful.

Hi! We live on top of a hill.

Vance was proud of the angle of this shot.

Going with the random thing, Vaughn says, "Hut! Hut!" when she sees a football.

She did not learn this from me.

Time for making pies.

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