Friday, November 13, 2009

We went walking.

9 Responses to “We went walking.”

  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    when are these pictures from?

    have a good weekend

    the mayor.

  2. relax. justin didn't take a day off. they're from last sunday.

  3. Hello.

    Found you through NaBloPoMo, hope you don't mind. Looks like a beautiful autumn day and what beautiful children you have, lovely photos.

  4. Vaughnie girl looks so grown up in these pictures. I love the vintage cabbage patch doll too. The walking path looks great. Is it close to your house?

  5. glad to see she has her pig tails in! where are you walking?

  6. Anonymous1:04 PM

    don't you dare tell me to relax!

    the mayor

  7. We were at a nearby park which has a little walking trail. It's where we normally take Vance to ride his bike.

  8. did you get her tu-tu from petunia's?
    super cute. love the green helmet. :)



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