Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two mornings ago I discovered that Vaughn had done something with my hairbrush. I still can't find it and have been using some urchin-like, pop out travel brush ever since.

Last night I put Vance in charge of making the salad. When it came time for the tongs I couldn't find them. He says, "Oh yeah! They're under my bed!"

The children are slowly taking over.

Which is apparently just natural order, because, after thinking about it, I still have some "borrowed" items from my mom around here.

I wouldn't consider this house normal by any means, but at least we're on the right track.

Now onto finding my brush. That's one of the Goals of The Day. Another goal is to pick up my new jeans from the alteration lady. I'm pretty excited to finally have one pair of pants that fit. I know none of you are excited by this. Let's move on to something just as unimportant.

My Timesaver Tip of the Day is to tell you that the Dierberg's closest to me is out of Party Rye bread. (I never knew it was called Party Rye. This is what the Dierberg's people called it. I like it a whole lot better now with that sassy title.) If I knew this I would have saved myself and the kids a bunch of hassle yesterday. I love visiting 3 grocery stores in one day.

Enjoy the snow. I sure am.

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