Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Hour

Vance took this picture of me. I just found it last night.

And that, folks, is all that I have for you right now. Justin has been away since Sunday and I'm all kidded out. My mind is mush. I've Mommed the hell out of the kids this week and I'm done. Daddy should get home just in time for Happy Hour and that's exactly what it's going to be around here. Happy Effing Hour.

3 Responses to “Happy Hour”

  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    That's one spooky picture!!!
    Have a Happy Happy Hour because you deserve it.

  2. You deserve a Happy Hour. Hopefully Justin will get in at a reasonable hour and you can get a break. I am sure you are completely burned out. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  3. Kristin1:31 PM

    Hope you got your happy hour.



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