Monday, January 25, 2010

K Screening Today? Not for my baby!

It can't be.

I'm pretty sure that my calendar says that I have an appointment to take Vance to his kindergarten screening today.

But my baby can't be old enough for that, as you can see. This picture was taken just yesterday.


A big shout out to my mom and aunt who are coming to stay with the Vaugnimal while I take Vance. He tends to get nervous in situations like these, so we're planning on getting there early to get him used to his surroundings and figured he would be calmer without the chaos that Vaughn seems to always bring to the party.

Update: The screening is cancelled due to the screener being sick. Grrr..... Had to reschedule.

4 Responses to “K Screening Today? Not for my baby!”

  1. Good luck today. I can't believe that he is getting ready for Kindergarten either. It does seems like only a few days ago that he was born. How time flies. I am sure especially in this situation that Vaughn won't be there. Not only will it be overwhelming for Vance, I am sure it won't be easy for you either. Good Luck.

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    enjoy the day ! probably one you won't ever forget!

    the mayor

  3. Hey Sis...
    I just checked out your newest towel and it shows up just fine. So cute!!!

  4. I love the new trend of updates and I like that you change the font to red.



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